Grand Rounds 6.23 Here Next Week

I'd like to thank Nick Genes (the "grand poobah" and founder of Grand Rounds) for another opportunity for hosting Grand Rounds. My first opportunity was for GR 3.09 all the way back on November 21, 2006 (was it that long ago).

My second opportunity was for GR 4.08 on November 13, 2007. And that was a cool experience I "premiered" grand rounds live on my internet radio show when I was on the road in Arizona. You can check it out the show in the player below.

Grand Rounds 6.23 will occur here on March 2, 2010. I'll be on the road again as I post this Grand Rounds. I'll be in Atlanta at the HIMSS 2010 conference and I will be helping out Dr. Val and Better Health in coverage of that event.

As far as GR 6.23, I encourage you to review the submission guidelines here. Just FYI, there is no theme. However, I do enjoy reading good medical stories. And, as I said when I first hosted GR, not all submissions will get in, and if your post is left out, I apologize in advance. Also, in order for me to keep things organized, I'd appreciate if you could make your submissions using the following format...

Post Name:
Post URL:
One Line Description:
The deadline will be 11:59pm eastern standard time on Sunday, February 28th, 2010. I will be selecting what I think are the best five of the week and will place them at the top of the post.

For the rest of the GR 6.23 post, I will be posting them in the chronological order of when they appear in my e-mail box (presuming I think they are appropriate for GR). I hope this encourages you to send me your link early. Send GR posts to doctoranonymousblog at gmail dot com. Please place "GR 6.23" in the subject line.

If I have a decent internet connection in Atlanta, I encourage you to join me for my live internet radio show (conveniently called "The Doctor Anonymous Show" hehe) on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 8:30pm Eastern Time as I will be trying to drum up last postings for my Grand Rounds and share some thoughts before my first HIMSS conference. Hope to see you for the show and and get writing!