Olympics 2010

I don't know what it is about the olympics, but it definitely fires up feelings of inspiration and joy. The people are different, but the feelings, in general, are the same. These people from around the world, work at least four years for a moment like this. All their hopes an dreams could be realized or crushed by a millisecond or a tenth of a point.

And, of course, tragedy has also struck the Vancouver games even before the opening ceremonies. In my opinion, the press, like it usually does, spends way too much time on the negative - even days later. I know it's a legitimate news story, but the manner that this story was portrayed - I had a problem with.

Anyway, there are so many stories that are brought to the games - from around the world. Just when you thought that you heard every olympic story that could be told through the years, another inspiring, or heart-breaking, or motivating tale is told.

If for anything else, these two weeks of the olympic games will be a nice escape from the reality of the world that we live in - whether it be the economy, or the weather, or whatever personal challenges that we are all facing.

I hope that you get to watch some of the games over the next two weeks. Don't worry if you start to feel yourself get a little carried away with emotion, or if you find yourself shedding a tear of joy or sorrow. Even for a little bit, we can all try to feel what it's like to live an olympic dream....