So, for the last three days, I've been doing this silly experiment with myself (no not anything like that people - hehe). I have tried to unplug from twitter and facebook for a few days. Well, I have failed in one aspect in that I have been continuing to log into FB and twitter. And, I have commented on FB.

However, I have not placed an update or tweet for the past few days. And, let me tell you, it has been very difficult NOT to do that. I had been kind of weird, though, in that I have found myself getting back to this blog to write thoughts down - and it's been a good thing. (BTW, thanks for all the feedback as I have tried to get back into blogging).

I'm continuing to hold true and not do my live internet radio show for these two weeks. And, I'm doing ok (for now) in not posting any updates. It's silly, but getting out of one mind set, has shifted be into another mindset as far as "What am I going to blog about today?" The experiment continues.....