Show 109 Wrap-up

Thanks to everybody who joined me to the two hour extravaganza that we know as show 109. Our good friends Annie and Burl did not have a show that evening. So, I decided to extend out my show for a full two hours. Thanks to everyone who called in and kept me going for that time. I mean, we had a great time. But, boy, I was really tired after that.

I really shouldn't mention this, but there was an annoying person in my chat room during the show. I could have easily kicked out this person or call them out on the show. But, I didn't. That person even called into my switchboard and tried to get in on the show, but I did not pick up the call. That would have been interesting, wouldn't it have been?

Anyway, you can listen to the show here on the player above. Or, you can download the show by clicking here and listen to the show anytime on your computer and/or mobile player. Ever since I've brought the show back, the audience has been growing with each show. That is because of all of you who continue to support the show. I appreciate it. Thank you!