Asthma TV News Spot

The video above is a local TV news spot that I did on Monday, May 18th, 2009 for the 5 o'clock newscast. This is a great opportunity I was given by the hospital. I think this figures out to be once every other month for me. Today's topic was asthma. It's been kind of frustrating for me, because on three other occasions, I was scheduled to be on, but for whatever reason, the segment was cancelled. So, that's why I really didn't mention things beforehand.

Last weekend, as I have done on three other occasions, I went through my slides that I was going to present. I rehearsed the pace at I was going to speak (I tend to talk fast when I get nervous) and rehearsed the inflections (I did not want to sound monotone), and of course, I rehearsed the content of the slides.

I thought that my almost 100 shows on live internet radio would prepare me for live TV. I was wrong. There were three cameras there and I got flustered as to which one I was supposed to talk in to - or was I supposed to talk to the camera - maybe just to the anchor.

It went by so fast. I really don't know what happened until the end. As I left the studio, everything felt ok. I mean I got all the content out there and I thought that I didn't talk too, too fast. Initial feedback has been positive. But, there are those "wise guy" people out there who said I looked fat or looked like I gained a lot of weight since they saw me previously. I guess you're gonna get that type of feedback. And, I guess maybe I could wear a darker color the next time - But, I like my red shirt!

Anyway, I post this for your curiosity. Feel free to leave comments below. I have to check my calendar the next time for when I have my next appearance. This was definitely a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to my next health segment on local TV news! (Originally posted 5/18/2009)