Show 73 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to MedCity News for the invitation to broadcast live from the Med City News Launch party. During last night's Doctor Anonymous Show, I interviewed co-founder Chris Seper and I also interviewed Lance Hill who is CEO of a company called Within3.

In the video above, I describe the technical difficulties which occurred during Show 73 (You can also download the show by clicking here). And, I admit, these made me very frustrated, because, as everyone knows, I like to try to run a flawless show. Since I didn't, I have to admit that I'm disappointed in myself a little bit for not putting out the quality of product/podcast that I usually do.

Welcome to those of you who are listening to the show for the first time - especially if you met me during the launch party tonight. With the technical difficulties, my fear is that people will not return to the show or listen to old shows. If this is the first show of mine you're listening to, all I ask is that you listen to one other show and I think you'll hear a difference.

Finally, to let everyone know, I'm on call this weekend. So, there is no "Night Shift with Dr A" show on Saturday night. The next Dr. A Show will be Thursday, February 12th, 2009 at 9pm Eastern Time (our usual time). Our scheduled guest is Angelo Mandato from Podcamp Ohio. Have a great weekend, everybody!