MedBlogWorld In A Nutshell

As my good friend Kim has written in the past, "Doctor Anonymous will be going full-out techie on us and bringing his video camera, so what happens in Vegas may or may not stay in Vegas! You have been warned!" Well, my friends, the day has come - hehe.

In the video above, is a compilation of the video that I recorded at the first ever MedBlog Track at BlogWorld Expo 2009. Thanks again to MedPage Today and Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring this MedBlog Track. What I'm gonna do (when I get some more time from my "real" job - HA) is place on this blog, more of the parts of the video that you see above.

I hope you enjoy this video. And, feel free to leave comments. Especially for those who did not attend last week's meeting, this may be the first time you're actually seeing your favorite medbloggers in "person" (at least on video). Maybe you can figure out who is who before I put up more of the complete videos (for example, you probably didn't know Paul Levy looked like THAT before LOL). Enjoy the vid! (Music credit: Pick Up The Pieces by Average White Band)