Night Without Power

Finally finished with my weekend on call. It's not that it was too, too busy. Just happy to get another weekend on call out of the way. As you can see in the video above, Sunday night was kind of an adventure, because the power went out last night. Now, don't get me wrong, around here, we did not even get the damage that occurred down south from hurricane ike. However, for around here, this is the highest sustained wind gusts that we have had in a while.

Before the power went out at home last night, I was reading some twitters which said that thousands of people on Ohio were without power. And, still this morning, throughout the Buckeye state, many people are still without power, and thoughts that things may not be up and running for as long as seven days - yeesh.

Anyway, when the power was flickering on and off last night - and then subsequently stayed off, what was the first thing that I thought of. That's right - Why not make a video to share with all of my new media friends. And, yes, Kb was right in that this video has the feel of Blair Witch.

On the technology front, I was still checking my twitters via my iPhone even with all electricity and wired internet out - because that's the guy I am - constantly staying connected with all of you - because I care. Emergiblog was even encouraging me to get a battery powered modem (what's up with that? hehe) Anyway, enjoy the video. And, for those of you in Ohio, how's it going? Do you still have power outages and internet interruption? Are you reading this from your iPhone? Let me know!