Show 37 Wrap-up

Thanks so much to Dr. Gwenn O'Keeffe from Pediatrics Now and Dr. Gwenn Is In for being on Show Number 37. We started with talking about her career choice for medicine and for the specialty of pediatrics. We then moved into her work with writing columns, then and eventually working toward the creation of her blog and her website.

We talked a bunch about physicians can and should reach out to media outlets whether they be television, newspapers, or new media sources like blogs/podcasts/videos. I enjoy exploring this area with media savvy people like Dr. Gwenn. She's also involved with her professional organization (American Academy of Pediatrics) and I have been involved with mine as well to try to advocate better for physicians and our patients.

Unfortunately, the technical problems continued this evening with me getting kicked off the line a couple of times, and my guest getting cut off a couple of times a well. But, being the pro that she is, she covered me by continuing to talk as I tried to get re-connected back into the show.

This really flustered me and, frankly, made me upset. I did some news stories at the end of the show, but what really got me upset is the technical difficulties. Hopefully, they will be fixed. Or, at least better addressed before the next show (next week). Have a great weekend, everybody!