Dona Nobis Pacem

I know this post is early, but, it's already June 4th in most parts of the world. You may have seen globes like this in the past. This has been called a "Peace Globe Movement" by some out there in the blogosphere. This is a simple idea brought forth by Mimi Lenox back in the fall of 2006. Mimi was even a guest on The Doctor Anonymous Show Number Eleven back on October 25, 2007.

The idea is simple: To have as many people put globes like the one above on blogs around the world. Think that's silly? Well, there have been previous peace globe days on 11/7/06, 6/6/07, and 11/7/07. Check out the comment sections of these posts. And, of course, check out Mimi's site for a sample of globes from around the world. It's never too late to get your globe. Click here for more details.

Peace on Earth is more than just a day someone picked out and a graphic that you put on your blog. Yes, it's idealistic, but it's an idea of hope - In a world that needs all the hope that it can grasp. Thanks Mimi for continuing this movement and this idea. I'm hoping to see a lot of globes on June 4th.