Happy Birthday, Me!

As I began my day on Sunday morning, I was happy to see that the blog crossed the 200K visit level. YAY! I had a question on when I exactly placed that thing on my blog. The sitemeter thingy was placed soon after I started the blog two years ago. You'll see in my sidebar that it will be only about 2 weeks until my 2 year blogiversary. Can you believe it?

Anyway, following this, I was pleased to see in a Twitter from Dr. Rob that Sunday was his birthday. Happy Birthday Dr. Rob! I hope you enjoyed that birthday bagel. I'm happy to say that Monday is my birthday. So, Happy Birthday Me!

I celebrated on Sunday. For those of you subscribed to my Twitter feed or are on Brightkite, I did a lot of traveling and celebrating on Sunday. After sleeping in on Sunday, I went to lunch at one of my favorite places - and took a picture there. Later, went to our local lake to take in some of nature - and took a picture there. Finally, went to dairy queen to have one of my fave desserts - the blizzard - and took a picture there. So, overall, good weekend. Hope your weekend was just as fun!

Update: When I walked into the office this morning, I got this huge birthday balloon. And, got some of my favorite treats in a cute little package. I have the best staff - ever - Thanks so much to them!