Show 34 apology

What a frustrating night! Show 34 started off well. I told my little Las Vegas story and I thought things were going well. I took a musical "commercial" break, and then my connection was gone. Then, computer problems. I took the next 20 minutes to try to figure things out, but was unsuccessful.

I remember back to those first shows last summer when I literally had a technical glitch for every show. I didn't know what was going on. It seemed like every show something would go wrong. Then, I think I fixed the problem, and I had a good run for a while - that is, until tonight.

So, I apologize for the show tonight. Thanks to all those who stuck with me as I was trying to fix the problem. What's great about all of you is that when I was trying to fix things, the chat room seemed to come alive with activity - I really appreciate that. I'm going to work on things over the next few days, and I'm optimistic that next week's show will be a lot better.