Grand Rounds Episode V

Welcome to Grand Rounds - sort of. For those of you who do not know, the real host this week is the one and only Grunt Doc. But, if didn't know already, he could not handle the entire GR himself. It's hard to explain. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then start with the Grunt Doc blog this week and you'll eventually end up here.

For those of you who are up to speed and are bounced here from the Medgadget blog, I encourage you to watch my video post above. Here is a presentation of a few links that I have been allowed to present:

Kerri Morrone blogs about Diabetes Alert Day.

ERNursery goes off on JCAHO, er, The Joint Commission (TJC) on the wonderful area of hospital medication reconciliation.

Neurmed explains how expensive placebos work better.

The How To Cope with Pain blog states there are new DEA rules allowing 90 day prescription of pain meds.

Colorado Health Insurance Insider talks about hospitals doing credit checks on uninsured patients.

The Highlight Health blog reviews neurofibromatosis and warns of a potential research funding cut.

Finally, Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse gets it right. Here is a youtube video about the use of pain scales.

For the rest of the links (and a whole lot more), click on over to Dr. Rob and Musings of A Distracible Mind.