Get out and vote!

It's primary election day here in Ohio. If you have been following the news at at all, you know that the US presidential race believes that Ohio is a key state not only today but in November for the general election.

I've already asked some patients this morning and they have told me that they don't vote and will never vote. The reason? Well, they do not want to be called to jury duty. What kind of lame excuse is that? (Jury duty should be from the pool of people with a driver's licence and not registered voters, anyway.) I kind of went off on someone this morning, "Then, you are not allowed to complain how high the cost of health care is. And, you are not allowed to complain about what's going on, because you did not vote."

Now, people tell me that voting doesn't matter anyway. Doesn't matter? There are countries around the world whose only goal is to have a voice in how they are governed. We here in the US are definitely spoiled and don't know how good we have it. So, get out there and vote today! I'm Dr. A, and I approved this message...