Mac users are snobs?

This is according to this video report from The Street (via Insanely Great Mac and The Unofficial Apple Weblog).

The assertions made by this report include the following: Mac users more likely to use teeth-whitening products; Mac users bought on average five new pairs of sneakers in the last year; More likely to buy organic food; More likely to frequent Starbucks; More likely to own a hybrid car; Mac users are perfectionists; Prefer to drive station wagons; More likely to pay for downloaded music.

To me, this report is pretty funny. I hardly resemble any of the characterizations above or in the report. (I'll let you sort out which ones you think I am.)

But, I will not stand for this painting of a broad brush of all Mac users. There is too much discrimination going on in this country right now. Can't I stand on my own merits? Does the computer that I use determine the person I am and how you should treat me? I think not. I will not stand for this. I am a Mac, and I'm proud of it! YAY!