iPhone price drops

In San Francisco today, Steve Jobs introduced new models of iPods - Yay! To me, they look cool and I can't wait to head up to my nearest Apple store to check them out.

In a surprise move at the end of his presentation, Jobs also announced a $200 price drop in the iPhone. So, there is no more excuse for you out there on the fence thinking about getting this nifty device. Now, there is some considerable whining out there in some areas of Apple nation. There's this post: "Apple screwed you: So now what?"

Some people out there who stood in line in late June for this thing are talking about how to get refunds. "The early adopter tax" one person is calling it. All I have to say is this: Stop the whining!

Just admit that you had an urge to get the hottest piece of tech out there and told yourself you had to have it. I bought mine about a month ago and I don't think Apple screwed me with the price. If I thought it was too expensive then, I just wouldn't have bought the thing. Gimme a break!