Epilogue: Dr. A Live - Episode 5

What's up with the picture above? We'll you'll have to listen to the show to figure it out. HA! Listening to the show is as easy as going to my blog sidebar and hitting play. Or, you can even download and subscribe to the show via iTunes.

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Thanks so much to Dr. Rob for joining me on the show. I never actually knew what his voice sounded like until the show tonight - so that was exciting.

Definitely write a post and send it over to Dr. Rob for his Grand Rounds on Tuesday. I also have to tell you that he might have given a hint on his GR theme during the show. But, of course, I'm not going to tell you. You have to listen to the show. HA!

Thanks also to those who called in and those in the chat room during the show. Right now, I'm going to plan for Thursday nights at 10pm and see how that works. I still my try a different day/time. But, we'll see how this works for now. Have a great weekend everybody!

Update: Thanks to Scan Man and JMB for letting me know that the show is NOT available on iTunes site outside the USA. Bummer. However, all is not lost. The show IS available via RSS feed. Just click here or here and download away!