Wash Your Hands!

Do you wash your hands before your leave the restroom? C'mon, be honest. I won't tell anyone. Well, it seems that in a recent study, less people are washing their hands compared to 2005. Ew! What's up with that? The article is from WebMD.

Researchers who discretely observed men and women in public restrooms found that only 77% washed their hands with soap and water -- a 6% decline from 2005.

But not many people are admitting to slipping up: In a separate telephone survey, 92% of Americans claimed they always lather up in public restrooms. The findings were reported at a meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM).

Who is more to blame? Men or women? What do you think? Here's the answer from the article.
The blame lies squarely with the men, says Brian Sansoni, a spokesman at the Soap and Detergent Association, which cosponsored the survey with the ASM.

The percentage of men observed washing their hands fell from 75% in 2005 to 66% in 2007. In contrast, hygiene habits basically stalled among women: 90% washed up in 2005, compared with 88% in 2007.

Now, as compared to yesterday when I talked about things like lab coats and neckties potentially spreading bacteria, I'm a huge advocate of hand washing in the hospital setting, before leaving the restroom, and other situations where bugs can spread. So, do us all a favor and just wash your hands, would ya?