Vasectomy for iPhone?

No, this is not a personal anecdote. But, this does beg the question, what would you do for an iPhone?

There's a story in today's Denver Post about one Sean Johnson (Yes, Mr. Johnson - How can I make this up?). Apparently, he was vacationing in Colorado Springs for a family reunion. He purchased an iPhone, but, according to the story, did not seek the permission of his wife first. Here's the rest of the story...

"We have five kids combined - sort of like our very own Brady Bunch ... and we have two children together," Johnson explains. "And she had made me promise that I would get a vasectomy at some point. I love having children, so I always thought in the back of my mind that there would be a chance that she would change her mind. But she didn't seem like she was going to be convinced. She didn't really want to go through another labor."

Who could blame iWife?

When the family met up at Denver International Airport to complete the trip, however, Johnson was "pouting" and carrying on as children often do without their toys.

That's when the wheels were set in motion for one of the most infamous deals in the history of nerds.

The deal stipulated that Johnson obtain a vasectomy, putting an end to the idea of more Johnson children. In turn, Johnson would be allowed to splurge on his iPhone.

Now, who would ever do this? I can just picture what this guy looks like and what his computer room at home looks like. There is no way that I (a post-modern and metrosexual man) would give into a deal like this - HA! So, did Mr. Johnson do through with this? This final quote sums it up...

"It's far from perfect, but it's by far the most perfect phone I've used."

(thanks to the Today in iPhone podcast for the story) (image credit)