Guess what I got last weekend? To be fair, I have to give you the full disclosure. I own an iMac, iBook, and iPod. Plus, the first computer I ever sat at was an Apple IIe. So, this definitely qualifies me as an a Apple advocate - or, as others call me, an Apple freak.

All that being said, this is the coolest gadget ever! Like I don't have enough reasons why I haven't been blogging lately. The iPhone has successfully made me forsake my work and family for the joy of an iPod, cell phone, and organizer - all rolled into one device. LOL

Maybe I can blog from my iPhone, or write and post to twitter? That is in addition to sending text messages, checking my e-mail, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and all the other cool stuff this thing does. Forget Harry Potter - iGot the iPhone. Yay!

Update: What would you do for an iPhone? Check out what this guy did....