Blogblast for Peace

Don't be surprised if you see this graphic in a lot of places on June 6, 2007. I'm posting this a little early because I'm afraid that I'll forget tomorrow....

The message is pretty simple: Peace on Earth. Were you there on November 7, 2006 when this first happened? You can read all about it here. The idea came when Mimi saw a plane.

Outer peace (meaning world peace) always must start with inner peace. And, I gotta tell ya, trying to organize and trying to control my life has been really difficult lately. So, as I go forward on this special day, I know that the only way that I can be of any impact to anyone else is to look in the mirror first.

Finally, kudos to Mimi Lenox, who appears to have made it her passion to spread this message to so many people in the blogosphere. I hope to see many more peace globes around blogland as compared to November. Great job Mimi!