Blogaholic Podcast

So, I'm trying this podcast thing again for the sixth time. Here are the show notes...

Opening Music by Kathy Reynolds (The song InSideOuT from the album Songs of Life)

In The News: Researchers to Docs: Shut Up!

Around The Blogosphere:
My Three Shrinks - Hopefully I'll be able to be a guest on your show soon...
Internet Radio: Here's an article about The Day of Silence
BlogTalkRadio: Want to host a radio show? Check out this site...
Dr. Blogstein - Hilarious stuff!
The Mo Show - Great first show. Can't wait for the next one...

Patient Story: A recent visit to our local extended care facility (nursing home)

Closing Music by Lori Malvey (The song When I Talk 2U from the album Love)

Just FYI, the file is 30MB (Yeesh!) and it's in the MP3 format. Enjoy Podcast #6.

Update: You can now either download in mpeg-4 format (11mb) or mp3 format (31.5mb)