Hummer infatuation

There's nothing in the health headlines that interests me right now. So, I'll talk about this. For the past two weeks, I've kind of been "car sitting." But, of course, what you see above is not a car.

Although I don't know why, I've always been fascinated by the hummer as a production/consumer vehicle. It's completely impractical. I mean, it's huge! It only gets about 14 miles to the gallon. Yet, I've always wanted to drive one.

And, I have for the past two weeks while my friend (my new best friend, HA!) has been out of town on business. She gets back this weekend, when she'll find out that I've only put about a gazillion miles on the thing over the past two weeks.

I'm no car expert, but, to me, it's a nice ride. The color is red, like the picture above, and has black leather seats inside. I've also never experienced satellite radio before. I had no idea that satellite radio has a gazillion stations - but great sound. I could get used to that.

But, after two weeks, I think my infatuation with this vehicle is slowly dwindling. I was very interested at first, but now, I'm looking forward to getting back to my car this weekend. I wonder what this thing can do off-roading? I guess I have a couple of days to find out. HA!