Dark chocolate saves lives

Well, not necessarily. But, that made a great title for a post, huh? Anyone that knows me knows that I have a weakness for chocolate - M&M's in particular. And, dark chocolate? Well, in moderation, this is the best chocolate of all.

And, now, I have the data to prove it. There was actually a study presented at the American College of Cardiology scientific meeting in New Orleans. In a six week trial, some study subjects were given dark chocolate and some were given placebo. (Reuters).

"In this sample of healthy adults, dark chocolate ingestion over a short period of time was shown to significantly improve (blood vessel) function," said Dr. Valentine Yanchou Njike of Yale Prevention Research Center, a co-investigator of the study.

"While the findings from this study do not suggest that people should start eating more chocolate as part of their daily routine, it does suggest that we pay more attention to how dark chocolate and other flavonoid-rich foods might offer cardiovascular benefits," Njike said.

First of all, where can I sign up for a study like this? (Call me!). And, second, I can finally feel a little less guilty when grabbing for those dark chocolate M&M's. I'm improving my blood vessel function, you know...