Nat'l love your patients day

Did you know it was National Love Your Patients Day? Yeah, I didn't either. I heard it on the radio this morning and, just now, a patient mentioned it to me. What does that mean for the rest of the days of the year, that we don't love our patients? Saying stuff like this potentially has implications - just ask Joe Biden.

Anyway, in doing some research on this, this day was conceived by an ER doc in Maryland. You can read more in this press release. But, here's a quote:

"This day was born out of the need for a more compassionate system of health care in this country. We need to restore the heart and humanity of medicine," [the physician] says. "We're reminding doctors and other health professionals, whose jobs are increasingly influenced by technology and insurance companies, about what is most important in health care: patients, and their values and dignity."
I really shouldn't be hard on the guy. It's a good idea to remind us to "love our patients." Trying to make the doctor/patient relationship less advisarial is always a good thing. So, as I journey onward today, I will wish everyone a happy National Love Your Patients Day! It's the least I can do....