The Myth of Anonymous Blogging

The Fall of a Blogger: Doctor A now stands for Doctor Arrogant. You could also call me Doctor Naive. On YouTube and LiveVideo, they call them the haters. Over here I've heard them called bullies. They are nameless and faceless people whose sole purpose in life is to bring people down.

The media's job is to build people up only to tear them down. And, let me tell ya, there are a lot of people out there to help with the latter. You can do what you can to try to fend them off, but they will get to you eventually.

I thought I could stand up to them with a vblog, but the wrath of the haters is just too powerful. I thought I was the smartest kid in the class, but little did I know how many clues I left lying around my blog for people to locate me.

Both friends and enemies have e-mailed me in the last twenty-four hours. All of them have successfully listed my real name, place of employment, medical school, state medical licence number, and my memberships in professional associations.

All of them told me they knew this information BEFORE my first vblog. They were just waiting for the right time to let me know. One e-mail even included a picture of my office building (I think it was taken yesterday).

Let this post serve as a message to all those "anonymous" bloggers out there, particularly medical bloggers. No matter how careful you think you are about your information, there's someone out there who can learn everything about you.

I've never had this happen to me, but this only thing I can think of is the feeling of identity theft when that happens. I'm a very shy person in real life, and my privacy is something that I hold very dear. So, an incident like this has shaken me to the core.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Part of me wants to continue to spite the haters. But, I tried that once, and look where it got me. I'm going to have to do some soul searching while all this emotion works out of my system.

I very much appreciate everyone's support and well wishes during this week (has it only been a week since this has happened?). Unfortunately, it cannot overcome the hate that I've been receiving during this same period of time.

I need some time to think and see if I come back to blogging. Blogging is definitely not fun right now, and is causing MORE stress than work. I don't need that. That being said, I've decided that the Doctor Anonymous blog will be taking a brief hiatus. But, I shall return, maybe....