LIVE tonight: Dr. Val on Dr. A show

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007 at 10:00pm Eastern Time

Join us tonight for Val Jones MD. She writes the Dr. Val and the Voice of Reason blog. There is a little bit more detailed post below, or just click here

I'm really hoping that my BlogTalkRadio chat room will be working tonight. I've been listening to other shows this week, and it seems to be working for them. The chat room is really "the show within the show!" See you tonight!

Update: Thanks so much to the Clinical Cases and Images blog for mentioning the show in their post today. I had no idea they have 1,354 readers according to feedburner. Yeesh! I'm definitely jealous of that. Thanks again for the plug today.

Update2: Thanks to Dr. Val for being on the show tonight. The show started off with my internet connection cutting out. So, there's about 2 minutes of silence close to the start of the show. But, the chat room was working (for once) - and people stayed with me there.

I was able to get everything back at about 4 minutes into the show - so start listening there for the Dr. Val interview. The chat room was great! More than a dozen people in there before my connection went out.

I admit I was a little flustered for the entire show. But, this is live radio and the show must go on. So, if you didn't listen live to the fun, you must listen to the archives - or even download the show for your enjoyment. Just check out the Doctor Anonymous Live site. Have a great weekend!