Forget stretching

Finally! A study whose results I can get behind. I hate streching. Stretching is for the birds. I hate those people in their ivory exercise towers who preach to me that for a proper workout, one needs to stretch before and after a session.

That's rubbish! And, now there is data to prove this. Researchers at the University of Sydney reviewed ten studies that tried to answer this question. The results have just been published in the prestigious Cochrane database. (WebMD)

The Australian researchers focused only on the ability of stretching to reduce soreness. And if your only reason to stretch is to avoid soreness, [researcher] de Noronha says the review proves "you don't need to go through the hassle because it does not actually work."
All right, I'm going to the gym and telling all those annoyingly perfectly physically fit people out there that I do not need to stretch to avoid soreness. Pshaw! Another myth exposed. But, to really avoid soreness, I just don't exercise? But, if I don't exercise, won't that lead to obesity? Apparently not! Read here.....