Blog features Doctor Anonymous

Who is this guy? Well, he is my new best friend. LOL. I just learned that this very blog was featured in a story by Dr. Manny Alvarez who is the Health News Managing Editor.

Is there a Blogger in the House? Five Great Doctor Blogs

Dr. Blog Please Report to the Internet, Dr. Blog Please Report to the Internet...

The prescription slip with the chicken scratch you're holding may suggest otherwise, but let it be known that some doctors can actually write, and write well. You can thank the computer for the legibility, but the content comes from somewhere else.

In today's column we're featuring blogs written by doctors themselves. Doctors from all medical disciplines are blogging about their areas of expertise, their thoughts on popular health news items, as well as those appearing in medical journals, and anything else that tickles their fancy.

You may be a little more knowledgeable before the next visit to your doctor after your first visit to one of these web sites.

I remember reading about when Emergiblog was mentioned last month.
I am humbled to be included in the same article as Flea, Surgeonsblog, Neonatal Doc, and the Cheerful Oncologist.
Doctor Anonymous: Don't be fooled by the picture of McDreamy from the hit ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy." Just because actor Patrick Dempsey supposedly saved a life recently, that doesn't make him a real doctor. Sorry, ladies.

Doctor Anonymous reveals that the blogger is a physician and a blogoholic. Good thing for his readers, because he provides interesting perspective on a wide variety of health topics (and frequent off-topics, if you will) including children's health, Alzheimer's, medication, and the latest health headlines.

Well, I'm definitely out of my blog funk now, huh? Thanks so much to Dr. Manny and for the plug. I really appreciate it. Welcome to those of you who have clicked on over from there. I invite you to my sidebar to check out my favorite posts. Thanks for stopping by....