Kick out the kids

How are those new year's resolutions going? For me, after day one, I'm still hanging in there. However, are you already finding it difficult to keep that resolution of eating right? I've got an idea: Get rid of your kids!

This article from The Daily Mail describes that researchers at the University of Iowa have shown that living with children also means you are more likely to eat foods such as cheese, ice cream, beef, pizza and salty snacks.

This adds up to five extra grams of fat each day. And, taken over an entire week, this is equivalent to to a pepperoni pizza a week in saturated fat alone. The leader of the study said this:

"An important implication of the study is that healthy changes in eating need to focus on the entire household, not just individuals, especially when there is so much obesity among the young."

"Often children demand these less healthy foods but everyone's eating them and it's a pattern we've got to change by helping everyone think more about their dietary choices," she added.

I suppose that making healthy dietary changes for the entire family is better than showing your kids the door. You probably saw this study last week talking about Pre-school Obesity. But, the next time you're craving really fatty food and faced with the choice of getting rid of your pizza or your kid, which would you choose? HA!