You're definitely going to think that I'm making this one up...

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer posted on their website the first successful penis transplant ever reported in a medical journal. This occurred in China and here's the quote from the article itself.

The Chinese doctors could not be reached for comment, and their report does not explain how the 44-year-old man lost his penis. It says only that "an unfortunate traumatic accident" left him with a small stump, unable to urinate or have sex normally.

Surgeons led by Dr. Hu Weilie at Guangzhou General Hospital performed the transplant in September 2005, a hospital spokesperson said Tuesday. The penis came from a 22-year-old brain-dead man whose parents agreed to donate his organ.

Update: MSNBC is now reporting that the transplant had to be removed because of "severe psychological problems experienced by the man and his wife." Oh well...

In a related story, Lorena Bobbit announced the opening of her first beauty salon in Beijing last weekend. When asked about the city's nightlife, she said, "I've had a great time here. The men in China are kind of kinky and I like that."