Spinach frenzy

From a media perspective, it's been interesting seeing this story evolve over the past 2 days. Here are my initial thoughts on the topic. Now, the American press is in full panic mode. Maybe it's a slow news day, but the cable news channels are focused on this story this morning.

Here is the latest according to the Chicago Tribune. It started out in 8 states, now there are cases in 20 states. About 100 cases now with one fatality. It has been traced to a manufacturer in California and a voluntary recall is taking place.

I only understood the angle of the home consumer. I really didn't realize the potential impact on places like restaurants. People are going into these eating establishments and asking to have all spinach removed from their meals - which I don't blame them for.

If there's an amusing part, here it is. One of the commentators has been saying all morning that this epidemic is only hitting healthy people, because only healthy people eat spinach. The manufacturer implicated makes healthy and organic products. "So does that mean that organic products are not as healthy as we thought they once were?" the commentator asked. Duh! As a spokesman for the unhealthy people of America, all I have to say is - Please pass the donuts! The press amuse me so much sometimes.