Top page posts

This question is only for true blogaholics. This is not for the faint of heart. If you're only a casual blogger, then move on, because this is not for you.

So, I'm up late tonight, as usual, on call. And, I'm out in blog land seeing what's going on. One of my favorite things to do when I find a new blog is to read the very first few posts. Even though the topics are usually the same ("My first post," "Insomnia," "Will anyone read this," etc), I always enjoy reading them.

On my blog, all 103 posts are on one page only. So, it's easy to scroll down to post number one. BTW, in reviewing my own early posts, I totally forgot about this one. Some blogs have all posts on the top page. Others, only have a few. Still others only have one post on the top page. Hmmm. I found this really interesting.

So, blogaholics, here's my curious question: How did you figure out how many posts to place on the front page of your blog?

For me, I just wanted to put everything on one page. But, some people may find that annoying, saying, "Who's going to scroll through 103 posts? Just put the five most recent up there on the top page. Sheesh!"

While you're discussing that, I'll head to the kitchen to get some refreshments for everybody. I think I have some cider and seaweed in the back. Any takers? HA!