Sorry if it looked like I fell off the face of the earth last week. I left Wed morning after my posting was done and went a meeting. I fully intended to continue blogging -- because, as you know, I can't live without it. I brought a friend's laptop with me. I had a very difficult time trying to access the internet at the hotel. I called all kinds of IT people and even got the "hotel internet connection kit" (which was $10 a day to have in the room), but still couldn't get it to work.

So, I got through my blogaholic withdrawl symptoms ok with friends, frivolity, and, of course, adult beverages. I'll talk about it soon. I'm back to work today and on call today and tonight (Ugh!). Soon as I get some order to the chaos, I'll be back blogging. Right now, the mission is to find the top of my desk at work. I know it's down there beneath all those charts and paper...

Update: I just checked my e-mail. WOW! Now, I'm really feeling guilty and really, really embarrassed. Thanks for all the comments and the e-mail messages about your concern for me. I should have at least tried finding someone with an internet connection, if for anything else, to explain my situation. I mean, someone at a medical conference should have a connection, right? Thanks again. Sorry for all the trouble. I'm going to start sorting through my comments and e-mail (oh yeah, and fitting in some work today -- HA!)