BA tomorrow

Ladybug is having the post-final-exam Blogaholics Anonymous meeting tomorrow at her place. (BTW, good luck on your exam). Don't know what a BA meeting is all about? Never been to one? Don't be afraid, we're all nice people. As always, it is BYOB -- Bring Your Own Blog!

I encourage you to check out my sidebar for the "minutes" of the past meetings. They're kind of fun, actually. The links are below my new side bar photo, like it?

Me, I'm going to bed. No, not what you think. I wasn't blogaholic insomniac. I was on-call insominac. Not a lot of sleep last night. Now that it's almost noon here, finally got to the office after finishing up stuff at the hospital and making sure my patients are plugged in with the appropriate people, resources, services, testing, etc.

See you at the meeting tomorrow. I'll have my McDreamy self there.
Will you be there? *smile and wink* (Can I pique you interest any more?)