Something really strange happened this morning. I woke up at 5:30am and had this urge to blog. Something strange, I know, coming from a self-proclaimed blogaholic. I've been reflecting on the past three weeks. It's been a long month for me -- busier than it usually is. And, day after day after day, I felt myself getting more and more fatigued. Yes, I was working too much. Yes, I did not have enough free time. And, yes, I was not getting enough sleep.

And, then, it happened. Blogging actually felt like work. I was so sleep deprived and tired that I was not looking forward to writing my blog. Some people (rightly so) remakred about how my posts were not the same as in the recent past -- and that was right. It was hard to hide from the truth.

So, instead of getting to the point of driving myself away from blogging, I decided to take my blog break. I thought that it would be just for a couple of days. I told myself that I would not come back until I felt the urge to do so. One day went by, then two, then three. I asked myself would I ever come back. Was I done with blogging? Was this just a passing thing for me and now I'm done? But just this morning, just now, it happened and I'm back at my trusty Mac keyboard typing away. I wonder if anyone else has went through something like this before.

Even though I started blogging nine weeks ago, I put the training wheels back on my bike just in case I forgot how to do all this. Blogging every day was tough (or maybe it seemed tough). Maybe I'll change that, maybe not. But, for now, I guess the best place to start is the beginning of this month and more forward from there...