Ever feel so tired that you can't sleep? I know that some of you insomniac bloggers out there can relate to this. As I was surfing around the web, I found this article from WebMD. I talks about relating lack of sleep to low job satisfaction.

Researchers found men and women who suffered from insomnia were more likely to say they disliked or even hated their job the next day.
To me this is like -- DUH! Like I couldn't figure this out on my own. I needed a multi-million dollar study to confirm this? Of course, I agree with this. You've seen me on one of my "low job satisfaction" night when I asked "Why?"

Managing sleep is a difficult thing for me. I really appreciate everyone's encouraging words this week as I'm trying to get ahead of the curve again after some time off. While you're working, it's go-go-go-go -- I mean full steam ahead -- not trying to miss deadlines and trying to get things done on time. I don't know about you, but it takes me a few hours to wind down. My mind is continually going, sometimes replaying the day, and wondering whether I did everything right or whether I messed up somewhere.

And, then actually trying to sleep. When I actually try to relax, that's when my mind drifts to the day that just occurred and then drifts to the day ahead trying to plan ahead and anticipating all the pitfalls that will occur. I'm glad that I found blogging, so that I can at least get some thoughts out of my head so that I'm no longer thinking about it. I think I'll try to go to sleep again. We'll see what happens. At least my job satisfaction will increase, right?