Blogaholics Anonymous

Hello, I'm Dr. A, and I'm a blogaholic....

Before we get started, just a couple of announcements. If you haven't signed up for the map, yet, please do so before you leave today. Also, if anyone forgot their container from their covered dish from the last meeting, I have it in the back of the room.

For me, this week was going pretty good until last night. I was flying around reading and commenting on blogs when I got a message in my e-mail box. I go over there and all of a sudden, I had this feeling of anger and rage. It was a spam alert.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is not my first experience with spam. But, when I set up this blog less than a month ago, I set up a new e-mail account also. I couldn't believe that it only took a few weeks until the spam started flowing in. It took a few minutes of slow, deep breathing and meditation until I calmed down. After that, I continued on the blog patrol.

Does this happen to other people with spam? How do you deal with it?