Dirty little secret

As I begin this third week of blogging, I found out something a little disturbing -- maybe I'm not as anonymous as I once thought I was. In the midst of my sidebar overhaul over the weekend, I added a couple of new counters and a cool map.

When I'm further exploring this, I'm learning that when I'm logging into other people's blogs, they can figure out what city and state I'm in. They even know I'm viewing them on my trusty Mac and the resolution on my screen (hell, I don't even know the resolution on my computer screen).

The super-techo-geeks out there could also probably tell me the prescription of my contact lenses, the color of my shirt, and the cologne I'm wearing today. The evil super-techno-geeks out there probably know my mother's maiden name, my social security number, and the expiration date on my discover card -- Scarry!

So, as you're out there on the information superhighway, don't think you're out there in some kind of stealth car hopping from site to site. The reality is that you're driving out there in a mustang convertible with the top down. The least that you could do is wave hello...