The empire strikes back

Thanks to HealthPsych for this heads up. Petite Anglaise lives in Paris. This post has caused quite a stir. Apparently, this person was fired for blogging.

“I’m afraid I have called you here to tell you that I am obliged to terminate your employment with the firm.”

I sit.

My mouth forms a perfect “O” of astonishment.

“This is because of your internet site.”

Somehow he manages to make “internet” sound like an unspeakably filthy word.

It makes for an interesting read. It has definitely struck a nerve out there, because as of this writing, there are 241 comments, which will undoubtedly continue to rise. It definitely makes me reflect to past posts like this one or this one (oh yeah, I'm talking as if they were years ago -- but they were only within the past month). Is that darth vader I hear coming up behind me?