Soccer doc

Just another manic Monday -- isn't that how the song goes? (all you 80s music fans know what I'm talking about) Why is it that after a weekend, you feel like you need another weekend? Just like you need a vacation after getting back from vacation.

It's not like I was really stressed out over the weekend. In fact, I had a really good weekend. I don't know if I told you before, but I'm the "Soccer Doc" for our boys high school soccer team. They had a pre-season tournament over the weekend.

I'll go into it in a little more detail as the season unfolds, but working with high school kids is really refreshing to me, mainly because my maturity level is about the same as theirs -- HA! It's a good time kidding around with the kids on the bench as they talk about their summer, school, and, girls.

Of course, I feel older and older every year I do this as they talk about music I've never heard of and movies that I've never seen. We joke around a lot. They call me old when I start quoting movies and music from my high school days. I call them young punks, because, well, they are!

The season starts in about a month and goes through October (I think -- have to double check that). Hope you're having a great day. Don't forget Grand Rounds tomorrow.