Tie or no tie

Following up on yesterday, aside from the heat, we had great weather. I left my pager at home. I left my cell phone at home. I was pleasantly inaccessible to the world. Just me, and golf, and good friends. Just a great time to escape from real life for a little while....

Somewhere on the 18th hole, after many adult beverages (if you know what I mean), we had a knock-out-drag-out yelling discussion about doctor attire. Last Friday, we had a great discussion on whether docs should wear lab coats. And, that's initially how our discussion started yesterday. Then, someone in our group mentioned wearing a tie and a lab coat during office hours. Last week, here's what Dream Mom said about neck ties:

Also, I still like it when the docs wear a tie to work-doesn't matter if it's a bow tie or regular tie. Call me old fashioned, but I like it. As for the female docs, it wouldn't hurt to put a little make up on from time to time; some of the female docs look liked they just got out of bed.
As our discussion got more heated yesterday, someone in our group made reference to this study which stated that neckties carry germs. I think that's a cop-out. Personally, I like the neck tie - Maybe not every single day (like the lab coat). But, for me, most of the time, I wear a tie.
What do you think? Which do you prefer? Tie or no tie....

Update: Nurse Ratched's Place just posted an interesting commentary called "Do You Remember When" which also talks about nursing attire:

Do you remember when you HAD to wear a white dress, white nylons and nursing shoes, and a nurse's cap? The dress was hard to keep white (you know what I mean), the nylons were uncomfortable and would run, and the hat was always getting tangled up in IV tubing while you were counting those infernal drops. At the end of my shift, I looked more like a bag lady than an angel of mercy.