Why do manipulative patients wait until 5 minutes before the office closes to call for a medication refill?

Why does poor planning on someone else's part constitute an emergency on my part?

Why would a clueless patient page me at 3 o'clock in the morning and ask me for a test result that happened 2 wks ago?

Why do I have to stay calm as people are yelling at me through the phone?

Why do arrogant specialists only want to talk about the car that they're driving?

Why do helpless primary care docs only bitch and moan and not be proactive to come up with a solution to the problem?

Why is it when I walk around the hospital that the only thing I hear staff concerned about is when they're going on break?

Why doesn't it bother me that radiologists sit in a dark room all day?

Why do hospital case managers bug me every day about discharging patients because they do not meet "criteria" for hospital admission?

Why does hospital administration only care about quality data and federal/state regulations?

Why does the hospital security guard always give me that look when I enter and leave the hospital?

Why do I even get up in the morning after a rough night of call?