Why revisited

Welcome back to Dr. A Unplugged. Ever see this MTV show? It was at its peak in the early 1990s when Mariah Carey was still someone you said, "Who is Mariah Carey?" And, nirvana was just another grunge band from Seattle. The popularity of the show was, in my opinion, due to its raw nature. No electronic keyboard, no electric guitar, and no sound effects -- just a guitar, maybe a piano, and just the voice of the singer. Very refreshing when music was (and still is) littered with electronic manipulations.

I'm feeling in that kind of raw state right now. Most thoughts unfiltered -- not going through the politically correct washing machine before it comes out of my mouth or off my keyboard. Kind of a liberating way to blog, let me tell you. I guess that's why I put that out at 3am. I was really close to hitting the delete button. But, I wanted to get it out there, because, life is full of ups and downs. And, your blog should be a reflection of your life, right? I feel like I'm at a Blogaholics Anonymous meeting.

I'm apologize if I'm worrying people today with my posts. It was not my intention to do that -- just to give a little snapshot of my life first hand. Now, I just need to get through the afternoon, finish the work that absolutely needs finished, and then go home and sleep. It's amazing what a little sleep does. It's life's little pause button. Probably take a blogging break tomorrow and make a comeback Friday. We'll see. Thanks for all the well wishes!