Space spatula

Saw this story from an Australian website (good stories from Australia today). Apparently last week, an astronaut lost a "space spatula" that is now orbiting the earth...

The $2700 spatula drifted out of Sellers's tool kit while he was conducting repair tests outside the shuttle Discovery on Wednesday.

"My spatch has escaped ... it was tethered to me," he reported to ground controllers during his 7hr 11min spacewalk. "It's gone, gone, gone. Nobody's going to find it."

First of all, a $2700 spatch? Where's NASA shopping at these days? They can save a lot of money just by going to the dollar discount store (how much do things cost there anyway?).

In a related story, after Discovery landed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida this morning, Sellers was overheard saying, "Has anyone seen my car keys?"