Blogger hopping

Some people call it blogger surfing and others call it blogger hopping. I like seeing what other people are blogging about. I found cathy_bythesea over the weekend (my first Frappr pin in the Philippines!) and she talked about the loss of her father in, "On Losing A Parent:"

I lost my dad when I was sixteen, in the summer before my senior year in high school, on the brink of womanhood. For many years I grieved his loss and looking back now, I realize that I was searching for my father in many of the relationships that I had. Dad, became the yardstick that men had to live up to. Those who knew him well, know that daddy was definitely a hard act to follow. Admittedly perhaps, this is the same reason why I married someone much older, whether fair or not, I was looking for my father when I finally decided to get married. This was something that took me many years to resolve, and when I finally did, through much introspection and by the grace of God, just as the quote above says, it certainly opened doors that I would not have dared walk into many years ago, altered my outlook and changed the dynamics of many of my major relationships.
Fine Art Doctor also talked about the loss of this father in, "Thoughts on July 4th and Memories of My Father:"
My father died when I was seven years old. He woke up one morning with a headache and went to work. While rounding at the hospital he collapsed. He was immediatley taken to the ER but it was too late. He had a ruptured Cerebral anneurysm and the neurosurgeons told my mom there was nothing they could do. As the years pass I find that my memory of my father has faded. I can no longer rememeber the way he smelled, the way he walked, the sound of his voice. If I concentrate I can still see his image in my mind but I often wonder if the recollection is from pictures.
These two selections have really made me reflect upon my own relationship with my father. Even Cathy (not by the sea) recently wrote a cute recollection of her father drinking and singing at her wedding (funny story). What kind of relationship do I have with my father? You always think that you're going to have more time to make great memories, but you never know when your last memory is going to be. I think I'll give my dad a call, maybe he wants to play golf tonight...