BA Meeting

Attention members of Blogaholics Anonymous and you know who you are! Because of our meeting yesterday, I am the first chairperson of our fair group. I thank you for this honor and I'll do my best to serve as your chair.

For my first task, I've taken the liberty to deem this "THE Official Un-Official Site" for our group. Warren Buffett graciously donated the funds to get this site up an running. Thank you Warren, you're quite a philanthropist!

Just to let you know, today's meeting is taking place over at Cathy's place. So, don't be late! Don't forget to bring a covered dish and your favorite dessert. As always, everyone is welcome to attend. For prospective new members, all you have to do is click here and take the first step ==> Admit you are powerless over blogging.

Conquering blogaholism.... One day at a time....