First Contact

I'm so excited that I got my first comments on the blog. I guess it helps to announce yourself by posting to other blogs. Probably everybody does this, but I've been hitting that "Next Blog" button at the top right of the blogger page just to see who's out there. I was amazed by the international blogs out there (must be my American-ethno-centric upringing). Anyway, if I found anything interesting, I would post a comment.

I was a little disappointed this morning when I did not see any comments on my blog. The dummy that I am, I marked in the Blogger set up, that I had to approve the comments before they were posted, and I didn't check my e-mail until this afternoon.

You could probably imagine my surprise and delight when I found not one but two comments sitting in my e-mail box. So, I quickly approved them and then admired them for a little bit on my site. This is really silly, I know, but I've learned that it really is the little things that can bring a smile to your face sometimes.

Shout out to Moof for being the first and for putting me on your blogroll -- My First Ever! Hope I can do the same for you, if i can figure out Bloglines. Thanks!

Also shout out to Little Johnny and thanks for your comment. He recently started a blog also and we must have been on the same brainwave (sorry for you) talking about -- what the heck to blog about -- and love of sweets -- particularly chocolate!

Let's see if I can figure out this blogroll/Bloglines thing...