Fowl foam

Breaking news out of Washington, DC. Not to worry, if the United States happens to have a bird flu outbreak (I personally think it's not going to happen), now we have a way to limit it. (Chicago Tribune)

The US Agriculture Department approved a firefighting foam to kill chickens quickly if an outbreak happens in commercial poultry. This is an alternative to using carbon dioxide gas because gassing involves more workers and potentially more exposure to infected birds. Of course, peta prefers gassing verses foaming fowl because it's more humane (They're chickens, not humans - Sheesh!)

Why am I mentioning this story? Just another example of the priorities of the federal government. I'm glad they are concerned about bird flu, but why can't I still get human flu vaccine for all of my patients? Why can't they still fix the broken Medicare system? Why are they're still 45 million uninsured Americans (some of them going overseas for their health care)?

Sorry for the rant. For those in the US, don't forget to vote today!