Got lice?

Are you sick and tired of meticulously combing out all the lice from your child's hair? Are you sick and tired of using those messy lice lotions and shampoos? Well, have I got the solution for you.

Dale Clayton from the University of Utah has found a unique way to get rid of nits without the muss and fuss. His solution? A hairdryer. Yes, a hairdryer. It is called the LouseBuster and it blows air heated to 140F/60C to kill the critters. A "rake-like attachment" is then used to comb out the lice. Here is the detailed explanation below -- picture and article from Times Online.

Now, when I saw this concept, it seemed vaguely familiar to me. Before I started blogging, I did a lot of television watching late at night - mainly infomercials. And, I vaguely remember the Flowbee Vacuum Haircut System. This is a vaccum cleaner thing that also cuts hair. Yes, I'm serious. This is so funny, I even remember seeing this talked about on an episode of Friends. Here's the promo picture (what would Chandler say about this?).

Conincidence? You be the judge! How about taking this concept to the next level? You know, I'm such the enterperneur -- in the spirit of The Apprentice (the first season is still my fave). Why not combine both of these products? What would you call it? Of course, the Flowbee LouseBuster! Remember, you heard it here first. Get rid of your kid's lice while giving him a trendy haircut. Call right now! Tell your friends and neighbors! Operators are standing by.... HA!

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